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Safety Briefing

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Safety Briefing
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Safety Briefing
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Soaring Protocol 2017

BGA Safety Leaflet - Land Ahead The BGA publishes occasional articles and booklets when it perceives a need to ensure the safety of glider pilots.  Their latest publication is called “Land Ahead If Safe to Do So.” Click on the illustration below to read the full leaflet.   Links to other BGA Safety Leaflets are found below in the left margin.

BGA Safety Briefings

Land Ahead Winch.pdf


BFGC has a dedicated mailbox for the reporting of accidents, incidents, or anything that members feel could be a problem on our site.  All members are encouraged to report, frankly and freely to this mailbox, so that the CSO and others can effectively deal with safety on our airfield.  If you have anything to report, or any safety concerns, please e-mail:

Procedures to follow in case of an accident.

To see a full list of the BGA Safety Leaflet series, click here.

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BFGC Accident procedures.pdf Managing-Flying-Risk-.pdf

Managing Flying Risk

BGA Guidance for all pilots and clubs.


The Skyway Code

“Highway Code”
for Pilots.


Human Factors for Glider Pilots

This publication serves to remind us all how fragile we are when we do not pay attention to changes in our physiological state or when environment changes take place before and during flight. Quite a few clubs use this particular version across the world.

It’s a bit late in the season but there are still trips to be had and some of us are attempting the 5 hr duration too, which is a big step up in terms of stamina and fitness to fly during the whole flight. Making the decision to stop a flight because you are starting to fade is a difficult decision and the window to make such a decision correctly may be brief and cause problems or worse.

Safety Briefing
Safety Foam

WinchBooklet17.pdf BGA Safe Winch Launching Booklet 2017 Edition

This is the latest edition of the BGA Safe Winch Launching Booklet, released in October 2017.

This initiative has saved lives - Click on the booklet above to download a copy and read it carefully!

The Bowland Forest Gliding Club, which includes all club members, is committed to safe practices, with the objective of continuing a safe sport gliding environment where the levels of risk are as low as reasonably practicable. This will be achieved through the implementation of an effective safety management system and a process of continuing improvement.

The CSO, Chairman and CFI, along with Instructors and others in key positions need to ensure their decisions are made with an awareness of the safety implications. All pilots are encouraged to make themselves aware of the risks inherent in gliding and to consider known good practice to help themselves avoid problems.

The BGA accident/Incident report form was last published in 2005 and was in need of updating. A new form is now available.  Click on the icon on the right to get a copy.

Accident & Incident Form

The form should be sent by email to the BGA office as before. Please advise Tim Freegarde ( if you encounter any significant problems in using the new form.

Safety Matters! BFGCIncidents.pps

 Click on this PowerPoint document to read the BFGC Incident Summary Report for 2017-18.

BFGC Incident  Summary 2017 - 18 FitForFlight.pdf

Safety Briefing
Fit For Flight?

Inadvertent Spins

Recent advice from the BGA. Well worth a read and careful consideration.

Spin.jpg Club-Safety-Review-2018 V1 2.pdf BFGC Club Safety Review 2018

Many thanks to the Chairman, the CFI and the CSO for their hard work in establishing this document.

Make sure you are aware of its contents and that you are doing what it says.


Safety Briefing
Latest Accident Review

TugUpsets.jpg Avoiding Tug Upsets

If you are going to aerotow in the near future, please make sure you click on this poster on the left and carefully take note.

Accident-reporting.pdf BGA Accident  and Incident  Reporting Requirements

Please be aware of this latest version of the BGA’s required procedures for the reporting of accidents and incidents at gliding sites.

Electrification Update

We’ve been contacted by Network Rail to inform us of the implications of their electrification programme in the local area.

The information may be relevant for local club members and even perhaps as a consideration in a future field landing decision.  All information is available from the links above.

Comms Letter to Bowland Forest Gliding Club 161018.pdf Comms_FAQ Leaflet_A5_A.PDF


Information Leaflet