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‘Chipping Radio’
118.685 kHz

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Then reserve your slot by clicking here >

If you click on the link below, you will see a booking grid which shows available slots for the next month or so.

If you wish to put your name down for one of the vacant slots, please book your request by e-mail, using the link on this page.

Bowland Forest Gliding Club Booking System

First, view the booking grid here >

Important: - Don’t forget to “refresh” your page when the grid opens, (F5 or )to make sure you are viewing the latest version.

•  A priority slot can be booked by any full member.

•  Only one booking at once will be allowed in order to give everyone a fair chance. (You can’t pre-book every Saturday for 6 months!)

•  When you have used your slot you can immediately book another one.

•  If you fail to turn up for a booked slot, you go to the back of the queue if there is a waiting list.

•  You are not guaranteed to fly, (weather etc), but a reserved slot will have a degree of priority.

•  You will still be expected to “do your bit” whilst at the club.

Basic Rules:

How to Book