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‘Chipping Base’
118.685 MHz

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Other Resources

Cross Country at Chipping

Local North.jpg

A and B Leagues

League Updates Local soaring and B league 2022.pdf

Local Soaring & B League

Local North

Local South.jpg

Local South

Following the very successful Cross Country Initiative, begun in 2014, we have now upgraded our club fleet with Flarm and enhanced avionics to encourage members to take advantage of the possibilities that Cross Country flying can offer.

To this end, we have gathered information on this page to form a central resource for aspiring and seasoned cross country pilots in the club.

You can view the resources by just clicking on them, or you can Right-Click and “Save Target As …” to download a copy to your computer.


A League v2.pdf

A League
Rules 2023

Local Soaring Turnpoints

LK8000 Basics.pdf

LK8000 Basic




Over 40 suggested X-Country tasks based around Chipping

bfgc xc syllabus.pdf

BFGC X-Country Syllabus for Newbies

OOs May16.jpg

BFGC List of Official Observers

HCAP2014 (1).pdf

Glider Handicap Listing


VFR Guide


BFGC X-C Met and Route Planning Presentation

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XC Soar

Request to take a Club aircraft off-site

Off-Site Request.pdf seeyou.pdf

See You

XC Soar

BFGC Local 2017 .cup

BFGC Turnpoint Text Files
Right click and Save as…

Waypoints 2017 .cup

Full BGA Turnpoints, plus BFGC local turnpoints in .cup format for SeeYou, Oudie and Top Hat

BFGC local turnpoints only, in .cup format for SeeYou, Oudie and Top Hat

If you replace the “points.cup” file in SeeYou, make sure you copy off your tasks from the old file first, (stored at the very bottom of the file), or else you will lose them!

As always, make a backup of your original file before replacing it.


Click on the individual pictures to enlarge them

1AB Abbeystead

1BF Beacon Fell

1BW Barton West

1CA Caton Windfarm

1CB Chaigley

1CC Chipping Church

1DB Dunsop Bridge

1FO Forton Services

1FS Fairsnape

1IW Inglewhite

1MC Myerscough College

1SH Stonyhurst

1TR Totridge Woods

1WQ Waddington Quarry

1WW Whitewell Church

2AL Alston Reservoir

2BA Barnacre Reservoir

2BC Barnacre Church

2BF Barnsfold Reservoir

2BI Bilsborrow Church

2FR Res Nr Fleet Street

2LW St Wilfreds Church

2WC Whittingham Church

2WL Wyresdale Lake

2WR Woodsfold Reservoir

3BH Botton Head

3FZ Feizor

3GN Garstang North

3GW Garstang North West

3KL Kepple Lane

3SN Settle North

6LA Lancaster

1AB Abbeystead.png 1BF Beacon Fell.png 1BW Barton West.png 1CA Caton Windfarm.png 1CB Chaigley.png 1CC Chipping Church.png 1DB Dunsop Bridge.png 1FO Forton Services.png 1FS Fairsnape.png 1IW Inglewhite.png 1MC Myerscough College.png 1SH Stonyhurst.png 1TR Totridge Woods.png 1WQ Waddington Quarry.png 1WW Whitewell Church.png 2AL Alston Resevoir.png 2BA Barnacre Resevoir.png 2BC Barnacre Church.png 2BF Barnsfold Resevoir.png 2BI Bilsborrow Church.png 2FR Res Nr Fleet Street.png 2LW St Wilfreds Church.png 2WC Whittingham Church.png 2WL Wyresdale Lake.png 2WR Woodsfold Resevoir.png 3BH Botton Head.png 3FZ Feizor.png 3GN Garstand North.png 3GW Garstang North West.png 3KL Kepple Lane.png 3SN Settle North.png 6LA Lancaster.png Clitheroe.jpg

A likely lift cloud over Clitheroe

Stocks Pendle.jpg

Stocks Reservoir from the North West, looking towards Pendle

Looking down on the streets and houses of Clitheroe

Garstang to Coast.jpg

Garstang and the Coast


Once you have downloaded the text files above, change the .txt extension to .cup before loading them on your device.

Doeford.jpg StirkPond.jpg Longridge Golf.jpg

Doeford Bridge

Stirk Pond

Longridge Golf Club

3 New Turnpoints
for 2016

BFGC new tps 2016-7.pdf

B League Additional Turnpoints


Lancaster and Morecambe Bay from beyond Halton.

Top Hat

XC Soar

2 New Turnpoints
for 2017


Brock Mill Lane


Tootle Hall

chipping_local (2).txt points.txt Clitheroe 3.jpg Gliding-Channel-Reference-Card-v1.pdf

BGA List of Gliding Site Frequencies

BGA Field Landing Advice and Videos

If you have any queries or you want to submit a claim for Turnpoints, declare a task or updates please email Richard directly at-

Click here for Individual igc files 2023-2024