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Enjoy the excitement as you strap into one of our dual-controlled gliders with a qualified instructor.

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What happens if I join the Club?

As a member of BFGC, you will receive continual training as a pilot, from complete novice up to solo standard and beyond.  Some members are content to fly in close proximity to the airfield, either on their own or with an instructor, while some wish to venture further afield and push for personal bests in height or distances flown. Whatever your aspirations, the club will be happy to cater for you. In most cases, (very often after a trial lesson has whetted the appetite), new members will wish to join the club and start on the road towards solo flying.

     The ‘card’ system is at the heart of safety and pilots’ progress through a number of stages of training. Safety is paramount and the duty instructor will determine what card pilots must hold to fly solo on each particular day. For example, if the wind is quite strong, instructors might only allow the more experienced card holders to fly on their own without an instructor. That way, pilots are always flying within the limitations of their individual experience and abilities.

Pre solo card

     This is the first card issued to new members. All flying is done with an instructor, who will work through the full range of skill requirements to take you up to solo standard. Once solo, you will be issued with a White card.

White card

     White card pilots are those who are newly qualified. Before flying solo on any given day they are required to have a check flight with an instructor. White card pilots work through a range of flying exercises they have to successfully demonstrate to instructors before progressing to:

Red card

     Red card pilots are more experienced and can fly solo without a check flight, but they must have a verbal briefing from the duty instructor. Check flights are mandatory if red card pilots have not flown in the last 4 weeks. Again, they progress through a number of flying exercises before progressing to:

Yellow card

 Yellow card pilots are more experienced and can fly solo after a ground briefing. Currency check flight requirements are extended to 6 weeks. A series of more demanding tasks and exercises will progress to:

Blue card

 These are the most experienced pilots who can self-brief and fly solo with only minimal oversight by the duty instructor.

 As pilots progress through the card system they continue to undergo free training to achieve BGA Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond height, distance and duration awards. Some will progress to become instructors.

 As a club member, you will be expected to play a full part in various rotas as you gain skills and experience, driving the winch, managing the launch point, maintaining ground equipment and aircraft and instucting. Playing a full part in the running of the club not only builds a great club atmosphere, but also helps us to minimize costs and keep our fees amongst the lowest of any gliding club in the UK.

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