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118.685 MHz

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Bronze Confuser



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Flying Orders Version 8

Cross Country

Members’ Handbook

Visit our Cross-Country Page for details of A and B Leagues and Cross-Country resources for members.

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Current Duty Roster

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Annual Return

Annual Return

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Club Fees
2023 -2024

New 8.33 kHz Gliding Frequencies -  14/06/19

The BGA has published a reference sheet of the revised gliding frequencies now being used by gliding sites in the UK.

You can download a copy from the Cross Country page of this website, or click HERE.

Skyway Code Version 2 -  20/06/19

The CAA has released an update to its comprehensive reference  guide, “The Skyway Code”.  Essential study for all pilots!  Make sure you read it.  You can download a copy of the update from our Safety Page, or click HERE


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Chipping Wave Box.  Letter of Agreement 2023

ANNUAL Return 2023.xls

EASA Sailplane Rulebook -  10/10/20

EASA has just released an e-publication that gives easy access to all the rules governing the ownership and flying of sailplanes.  You can download a copy from our Safety Page, or click HERE


Flying Orders Update - April 2022
Flying Orders is now version 7.28 and a copy is posted on the right.
Please read it carefully.

Flying Orders Update - June 2022
Flying Orders is now version 7.29 and a copy is posted on the right.
Please read it carefully.


Child Protection Policy

Click on the image above to download and read the BFGC Child Protection Policy..


Click above to read the BFGC Data Protection Policy.

Policy Document Updates - July 2022
On this page you will now find links to the BFGC Child Protection Policy (below left) and our current Data Protection Policy (below right).

Data Protection.pdf

Annual Returns Update -  September 2023

The 2023 Annual Returns forms are now posted on the right.  Download them today and send your completed return to the CFI as soon as possible, following the September 30th cut-off point.  Pease also note that the current issue of the Flying Orders is now version 8 and a copy has also been posted on the right.  Please read it carefully before submitting your Return.

Flying Orders Update - March 2023
Flying Orders are now revised to version 8 and a copy is posted on the right.
Please read it carefully.

New! New!

Club Fees Update - October 2023
Club Fees have been updated for 2023-2024 and a copy is posted on the right.