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Whether you want to train to be a fully-qualified pilot, or just want to enjoy an unforgettable one-off experience, the Bowland Forest Gliding Club can provide all you need in a friendly and welcoming environment. You can buy an Air Experience Voucher for yourself, or as a gift for a friend and it can be used at any time of the year. What’s more, each Voucher comes with a 12 week period of temporary club membership, so if you enjoy the experience (and we’re sure you will), you can come back again and fly at members’ rates.

Gliding is the ultimate free-flying experience - from the exhilaration of

the winch launch, (climbing to over 1,000 feet in under half a minute), to the calm serenity of non-powered flight. Arrange a flight with us and you could soon be floating above the beautiful Forest of Bowland countryside, admiring stunning views while seeking currents of rising air to keep you aloft.

Gliding gives you the freedom to explore the world from a unique bird’s-eye view and discover the many moods of the sky. It is a silent, graceful and inexpensive way of flying which makes you feel at one with the elements, without the noise or vibration of an engine.

Why not come and join us and experience a taste of this exciting sport?


Enjoy the excitement as you strap into one of our dual-controlled gliders with a qualified instructor.

Come Flying with us at BFGC!

Join Us and Learn to Fly!

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An Air Experience Voucher can be an ideal gift or a great way to start a flying career!  Either way, it’s a bargain for only £90!

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