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Enjoy the excitement as you strap into one of our dual-controlled gliders with a qualified instructor.

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Are there restrictions on who can fly?

Health Restrictions

Pilots who wish to fly have to sign a declaration to say they are in good health and are fit to fly and this has to be countersigned by their GP if they want to go solo.  The standard is basically the same as the level of fitness required to drive a car. There are certain medical conditions specified by the BGA that pilots must disclose if and when they arise, which will need to be checked out with their GP to determine their continued fitness to fly. (Download our Information Leaflet for further details).

Are there any age limits to flying in a glider?

Under European legislation, the minimum age at which you can fly solo in a glider is now 14, although it must be noted that parental consent must be provided for persons under the age of 18.

There is no upper age limit.

Height and Weight limits

Glider cockpits are limited in size and the amount of weight a glider can legally carry is strictly regulated.  In general, if you are between 7 stone 2lbs (45 kg) and 16 stone 3lbs (103kg) fully dressed and between 4ft 6inches and 6ft 2inches tall you should not experience difficulties.

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